Corporate Advisory

From its inception, the NTI has integrated the advice and guidance from corporate members and advisors into its operations. The Corporate Advisory Group (CAG) embodies the commercial intent and commitment of the NTI.

The CAG comprises representatives from technology-based companies and consulting and investing firms. The CAG provides strategic direction to NTI programs, ensuring a focus on commercially relevant and realistic activities and goals. The CAG contributes an awareness of the business environment, including reports on competitive activities, strategies, and directions, and counterbalances the academic foundation of the NTI with a commercial orientation.

In addition, CAG provides a forum for technology-based companies to discuss and define their collective needs in the field of nanotechnology and to develop and implement means for financing vehicles for addressing such needs.

More specifically, the CAG participates in the discussions to develop and/or review of all funding programs, including:

  • Technology Development Core program
  • Technology Development Seed program
  • PSTR program
  • NanoApplication Fund
  • Other NCG programs as appropriate

Corporate Advisory Group Members

Michael Boyce-Jacino
President & CEO

Tauseef Butt

David Counts
Associate Director
Angle Technologies

Edward Erickson
Erickson Consulting

Lisa Gray
Phoenix IP Ventures

Scott Jenkins
Associate Director, Commercial Development

Richard Barto, Ph.D.
Lockheed Martin-ATL

Jeffrey Rosedale
Woodcock Washburn

Richard Wagner, Ph.D

Robin Mansukhani
The Livingston Group

Misti Ushio
Vice President
Harris & Harris Group

NTI: Signs of Success

NTI research programs have been extremely successful at publishing in peer-reviewed journals, resulting in more than 820 articles.

In addition, NTI researchers have been awarded more than 200 federal grants totaling more than $150 million.