Nanotechnology Commercialization Group

As a single repository for university nanotechnology intellectual property, the Nanotechnology Commercialization Group (NCG) confers a valuable marketing advantage to all technologies in its pool.

Not only is it the ideal starting place for companies searching for licensable technology, the NCG also enables university researchers to more easily find a path to commercialization of their research efforts.

According to an agreement between Drexel University, the University of Pennsylvania and BFTP/SEP, the NCG operates as an administrative unit of and is located within the University of Pennsylvania’s Commercial Development Office.

Staffed with two Penn employees and one Drexel employee, each with nanotechnology expertise, the NCG, together with support from BFTP/SEP, provides the following essay writer services for all university members of the NTI:

  • Evaluating commercial potential
  • Developing commercialization strategies
  • Marketing
  • Negotiating licenses
  • Facilitating the formation of start-up companies

NCG Administration

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Anthony Green, Ph.D.
Ben Franklin Director, NTI
Vice President of Technology Commercialization: Life Sciences, BFTP/SEP
(215) 972-6700 x3713

Erli Chen, Ph.D.
University of Pennsylvania
Director, Nanotechnology Commercialization Group
(215) 898-9272

Philip Caldwell, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Technology Licensing
Representative, Nanotechnology Commercialization Group
Drexel University, Technology Commercialization
(215) 895-0999

Shilpa Bhansali
Assistant Director, Nanotechnology Licensing
Center for Technology Transfer
University of Pennsylvania
(215) 573-4307

Vijay Iyer, Ph.D.
Licensing Associate
Office of Technology Transfer
Temple University
(215) 204-7619

Greg Baker, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Commercialization
Technology Transfer Office
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
(215) 590-5645

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PA Department of Community and Economic Development

“Technology Investment Office looks to NTI as a valued partner in harnessing the technology based economic development opportunities within PA’s nanotechnology community.”

—C. Alan Walker
Secretary, PA Department of Community
and Economic Development