Oversight Committee

As official representatives of the three founding institutions of the NTI–Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania, University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University—the Oversight Committee (OC) brings the full weight of institutional commitment and endorsement to NTI operations.

The OC sets NTI policy and determines the strategic direction of the NTI. The OC meets regularly with the Operating Committee to review the function and progress of NTI programs. The OC also meets with the Corporate Advisory Group to receive direct feedback and guidance regarding NTI programs and operations.

In addition to internal responsibilities, the OC provides a direct and efficient means for the Ben Franklin Technology Development Authority and the Department of Community and Economic Development to reach agreement with the NTI on budget and scope. The OC also serves as the advocate and liaison to other state government offices, including the legislature to procure support for the NTI and its mission.

Oversight Committee Members

RoseAnn B. Rosenthal
President and CEO
Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania

Deborah Crawford, Ph.D.
Senior Vice Provost for Research
Drexel University
Steven Fluharty, Ph.D.
Senior Vice Provost for Research
University of Pennsylvania

Why Is Small So Big?

Nanotechnology deals with products and processes that are measured in almost unbelievably small increments called “nanometers”—one billionth of a meter.

At the nanoscale, materials differ from larger objects in their physical, chemical and biological properties; therefore, they lend themselves to new and improved materials, systems and devices. Nanotechnology is behind the development of such diverse advancements as:

  1. Drug Delivery
  2. Biofiltration and Separation sciences
  3. Improved coatings for medical devices

Thanks to rapid advances in this exciting new field, we now have the tools and talents to manipulate materials on the molecular scale—a technology literally changing the world as we know it.