IP & Licensing

If your company is interested in securing or licensing intellectual property, the Nanotechnology Institute (NTI) can help. The NTI breaks down barriers to commercialization by collating nanotechnology intellectual property and marketing it in a very different and much more efficient way.The NTI acts as the catalyst for enterprise creation by:

  • Using nanotechnology as an enabler for the development of new products and processes
  • Orchestrating the creation and efficient transfer of intellectual property from the universities into area companies and new businesses like yours
  • Helping to educate and build a skilled technical workforce
  • Organizing, communicating and marketing the assets of the region with a unified voice

If you would like to secure or license a particular piece of nanotechnology or a bundle of complementary technologies, our Nanotechnology Commercialization Group (NCG) will put together the right team to do the preliminary work for you. The NCG, among many other services, can help negotiate your licensing agreements.

For information on the technology transfer offices of NTI’s partnering institutions, visit:

University of Pennsylvania Office of Technology Transfer
Drexel University Office of Technology Commercialization

The Nanotechnology Commercialization Group
The Nanotechnology Commercialization Group (NCG) provides commercialization services to NTI-member institutions through an Inter-Institutional Agreement with Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania, the University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, Drexel University and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

The NCG builds on the inherent strengths of each of its partners, which alone have already made great strides toward commercializing nano-scale scientific research.

Services include:

  • Evaluating intellectual property for commercial potential
  • Devising a commercialization strategy
  • Marketing the intellectual property
  • Facilitating the formation of a startup company
  • Negotiating licenses on behalf of the intellectual property owners and participating institutions

Licensing Agreements
The NCG is authorized to create licensing agreements for NTI intellectual property (IP). The NCG is an outgrowth of the transformative Intellectual Property (IP) Agreement of the NTI, which provides corporations with a single point of negotiation for intellectual property licensing, independent of the number of institutions with ownership of that IP.

The NTI IP Agreement was a breakthrough when it was formed in 2002, and it continues to set a standard for cooperative intellectual property management between academic partners. As a single repository for university nanotechnology IP, the NCG is an attractive starting place for interested companies to search for technology to license. In addition, the NCG’s centralized service enables them to dedicate more resources to nanotechnology to support the development of greater expertise in the field than could possibly be provided by individual universities.

Why Is Small So Big?

Nanotechnology deals with products and processes that are measured in almost unbelievably small increments called “nanometers”—one billionth of a meter.

At the nanoscale, materials differ from larger objects in their physical, chemical and biological properties; therefore, they lend themselves to new and improved materials, systems and devices. Nanotechnology is behind the development of such diverse advancements as:

  1. Drug Delivery
  2. Biofiltration and Separation sciences
  3. Improved coatings for medical devices

Thanks to rapid advances in this exciting new field, we now have the tools and talents to manipulate materials on the molecular scale—a technology literally changing the world as we know it.