The NTI Approach

The NTI is designed to be a focal point for nano-related efforts, building on the collective strengths of corporate interests, research institutions, and economic development organizations. The innovative model is represented by the alignment of five key components: Technology Development, Commercialization, Sponsored Research and Development, Outreach and Strategic Alliances.
Technology Development
NTI provides a gateway for twelve regional universities and medical schools and more than 40 faculty members focused on nano-biosensor development, nanotubular cellular probes, intelligent drug delivery systems, and nanofiber-based tissue engineering. NTI Seed and Core Grant components support this technology uk essay services development. more

NTI created the Nanotechnology Commercialization Group (NCG) to be a single point-of-contact system across the institutional partners, providing robust business development services with streamlined Intellectual Property (IP) and licensing processes. Specific programs have been created to stimulate both established company involvement and new company formation. more

Sponsored Research and Development
NTI provides capital for sponsored research to stimulate the creation of longer-term partnerships with industry leaders and the create new enterprises. more

NTI fosters the growth of the region’s nanotechnology community by facilitating dialogue and interaction among federal agencies, university faculty, corporations, entrepreneurs, and economic partners. more

Strategic Alliances
Preparing the Mid-Atlantic region’s nanotechnology workforce of the future through partnering among educational initiatives, nonprofits and companies. more

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NTI: Signs of Success

NTI research programs have been extremely successful at publishing in peer-reviewed journals, resulting in more than 820 articles.

In addition, NTI researchers have been awarded more than 200 federal grants totaling more than $150 million.