Penn Nanotoxicology Alliance-Pilot Projects

The Penn Nanotoxicology Alliance consists of the Center of Excellence in Environmental Toxicology (CEET), the Targeted Therapeutics and Nanomedicine Program of the ITMAT/CTSA, the Nanotechnology Institute (NTI), and the Nano-Bio Interface Center.  

To jump-start nanotoxicology initiatives, we are pleased to announce this new program to support Pilot Projects in Nanotoxicology. We seek proposals for 12-month seed efforts that address any relevant research topic related to the toxicology of nanoparticles and nanostructured materials. Projects that characterize the physical and chemical properties of engineered nanoparticles,

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explore their basic biology and pathobiology, and provide a clear pathway to the clinical and commercial deployment of environmentally safe nanoparticles are particularly encouraged, as are projects that have the potential to generate new or develop existing intellectual property.

Follow this link to the application:  CEET Solicitation Nanotoxicology 2010.

For more information contact:
Mary E. Webster. M.S.
Center of Excellence in Environmental Toxicology
wesbter (at)

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Nanotechnology Commercialization in Pennsylvania

“Across the world, the competition to find the next great scientific advancement continues to grow… as  a competitor in the global marketplace, it is Pennsylvania’s responsibility to give our universities, companies and partners the best opportunties to be on the forefront of these advancements.”

–The Honorable Edward G. Rendell
Governor of Pennsylvania