Penn State Nanofab Facilities


The Penn State Nanofab facilities, supported through the National Science Foundation’s National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network (NNIN), consists of approximately 6000 square feet of clean room space and over 3000 square feet of supporting non-clean lab space. The facility makes available specialized instruments and technical support in areas that mirror Penn State’s faculty research strengths, including chemical and molecular-scale nanotechnology; electronics, optics, and MEMS; materials and physical sciences; and education.  The technical staff have made significant progress in transitioning nanoscale materials synthesis, chemical and molecular film patterning and deposition, complex ferroelectric oxide thin film deposition, and device fabrication processes from leading PSU research centers and faculty labs to the open-access user facility.


William Mansfield, Director of Operations

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NTI: Signs of Success

NTI research programs have been extremely successful at publishing in peer-reviewed journals, resulting in more than 820 articles.

In addition, NTI researchers have been awarded more than 200 federal grants totaling more than $150 million.