Dun Research Group – Temple University

The Dun research group is interested in the development, application, and commercialization of novel nanoprobes that enable nanosurgery of single cells and sub-cellular compartments.  Specifically, carbon-based nanoprobes offer significant advantages over existing commercial technologies such as probe durability, minimally damaging to cells, and multifunctional analytic capabilities.  In collaboration with several multidisciplinary groups from Temple University, Drexel University, and the University of Pennsylvania, the Dun group utilizes nanoprobes for intracellular delivery and the measurement of cell signals to study cellular functions.  NTI-funded research explores using carbon nanopipettes (CNPs) for the real-time detection of intracellular molecules through fluorescent microscopy and surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS).  Long term, the Dun group aims to develop novel tools and techniques to analyze single and multiple cells for use in pharmacology and physiology.


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For more information about the Dun research group visit their website.

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PA Department of Community and Economic Development

“Technology Investment Office looks to NTI as a valued partner in harnessing the technology based economic development opportunities within PA’s nanotechnology community.”

—C. Alan Walker
Secretary, PA Department of Community
and Economic Development